Size-Flexible Clothing That Goes Up And Down In Size When You Do

If your closet is full because you keep several sizes on hand, clean it out and stock up on these instead.

No one stays the same size forever. It’s common to go up or down a size (or two) seasonally, wearing a larger size during the winter holidays, then going down again once you return to your normal routine. Or maybe you experienced a change in schedule that made it hard to cook meals at home or get to the gym. Or perhaps you became ill, committed to a healthier lifestyle or even saw a same-day bloat after eating a big meal or a salty snack.

Living in yoga pants is one option, but there’s a better way. Let us introduce you to the concept of size-flexible clothing.

Instead of buying several sizes of all your favorite clothes, there are brands of clothing making size-flexible tops, pants, dresses and more that will fit you at all phases. They do this by incorporating stretchy materials, elastic waistbands, adjustable straps and more clever details.

Stylist Alison Bruhn from The Style that Binds Us recommends looking for pants with “just the right amount of stretch” around the stomach, hips and backside. To test the stretch, do a squat. Make sure the pants are comfortable while low to the ground and that the material bounces back once you stand up. If the material takes too long to bounce back, the pants will wind up being baggy over time. Other ways to make sure clothing will withstand changes in size is to look for items that are “a little forgiving” in fabric and design or that contain ruching, which is very forgiving, Bruhn said.

We’ve rounded up the best online sources for size-flexible clothing below.

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Duer clothing includes features like integrated elasticized waistbands and adjustable drawcords. The Weightless Reversible Jacket (shown here) has a drawstring around the entire midsection that can be cinched to make the jacket fitted or let out for a boxier look. Many Duer jeans incorporate stretch denim, resulting in a lot of give that bounces back easily, making them flattering and comfortable through ups and downs.
Many of Quince’s dresses are stretchy, so they mold easily as a body gets bigger or smaller. Designs like the brand's flowy fit-and-flare dress (shown here) work well for bodies that change. Another good option is Quince's linen button-front dress, which is roomy enough in the hips and arms to accommodate various sizes and can be worn with or without a belt to flatter in different ways.
You probably recognize Summersalt's iconic swimsuits from social media. After designing great accessories like a wrap cover-up skirt that works well through fluctuation in sizes, Summersalt branched out and created clothing made to wear on land with the same flexible-sizing principles in mind. Its tie-waist dress (shown here) and tiered dress both look great if you go up or down a size or two thanks to designs created to be forgiving. Some dresses have elastic details in the back for even more flexibility in sizing.
Many of Cotidié's items incorporate SolaSmooth material, which contains a high percentage of elastane. SolaSmooth makes it easy for clothing to expand and contract with fluctuations in size, something Cotidié's founder deals with herself. Other styles include pleats and oversized tunics that look great if body size changes.
Pact may be best known for its use of organic materials, but its clothing has another appealing feature. Many Pact styles can easily handle fluctuations in size thanks to pants with stretch that have elastic waistbands in the back and drawstring waists. The brand also has shirts with a relaxed cut that look stylish through changes in size.
NYDJ prioritizes stretch in all of its jeans. Its waist-match line in particular is stretchy enough to easily go up and down in size. These jeans have a unique satin-elastic waistband that has the stretch of yoga pants while retaining the look of traditional jeans. Since all of NYDJ’s jeans have some give, almost any of its styles can handle some fluctuation up or down in size. The brand also has billowy tops that can size up or down without looking frumpy.
Thanks to a Spandex blend, almost all Skinnytees’ items are one-size-fits-most. Most Skinnytees pieces come in just two sizes. One fits sizes 0-12, and the other fits sizes 12-24. That means Skinnytees clothing can go through a lot of ups and downs while still fitting well. Skinnytees also makes roomy cardigans and vests that can easily be paired with other pieces as size fluctuates.
Carve Designs
Carve Designs
Carve Designs was founded by two very active women who couldn’t find clothing that could keep up with them — or that was designed for typical bodies. The result is clothing that is flexible enough to get through whatever life throws at you. Carve Designs' Carson Jeans, Maui denim skirt and Oahu Shorts all have enough stretch to fit through changes in size. Coordinate these bottoms with a shirt that is roomy while still looking gorgeous. Many of Carve Designs' dresses have light and flowy silhouettes that work well through ups and downs in size as well.
Even though Wool& dresses come in traditional sizes from XS-XL, many styles are designed to be generous. This is especially true of swing styles that work exceptionally well up or down a size. Several Wool& dresses also have removable belts that can be used to accentuate a waistline. Other styles, like the Amalya Buttonfront Dress, can also be styled as a cardigan so they are still useful even if they start to feel snug or hang loose.
Joyfolie’s all-women team designers fluctuate in size themselves and know how common it is for customers to do the same. Believing that women first need to feel comfortable before they can feel beautiful, Joyfolie incorporates details to make its clothing flexible enough to withstand changes in size, including stretch in waistbands and adjustable straps. Joyfolie also uses closures that make clothing even more size-flexible. Strategically placed buttons and hook-and-eye closures allow for easy adjustments in styling to accentuate and flatter certain body parts as needed. Styles that are especially flexible when it comes to fluctuations in size are Joyfolie’s wrap dresses, skirts with stretch and ruching, and shifts with a looser fit.

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