Here Are Small Sustainability Changes You Can Make In Your Everyday Life

Over 3,100 companies globally have signed on to participate in Walmart's Project Gigaton to help prevent 1 billion tons of emissions by 2030. Here's how you can join the fight to Live Better Tomorrow.

1. Get a library card

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When it comes to recycling, libraries are the O.G. Allowing communities to share knowledge contained on millions of bound pieces of paper, libraries by their very nature were designed to be “green.” And if you get a library card, you can save some green in your wallet instead of constantly buying new books online you know you’ll never read.

2. Drive less

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OK, yes, this seems like a no-brainer. But still! Even if you live in a place that doesn’t have safe bike lanes or public transit, there are ways you can minimize your time on the road, such as planning ahead and “trip chaining.” That means, for example, if your grocery store is near where you get your hair done, maybe hit both in the same trip.

3. Plan out your meals

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Yes, unfortunately there is another reason to get into meal planning besides convenience and your friend going on and on about how you need to try it. Planning your meals out ahead of time means you’re not going to the store and impulsively buying things you’ll forget about and have to throw away later, reducing the food waste your household produces.

4. Turn off EVERYTHING before going to bed

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OK, again, this one seems obvious. But researchers in the UK did a study that shows that reducing your home’s electrical output helps the environment more than previously thought. So maybe skip the comfort TV show tonight and read a library book until you fall asleep. Just make sure to turn off your lamp before you pass out!

5. Find a cobbler to repair your shoes

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Cobblers may sound old-fashioned but seriously, if you love your kicks, it’s cheaper and more sustainable for the environment to get them fixed by a shoe repair specialist than buying the newest shoes that will give your blisters for a full month.

6. Go paperless for your bills

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Hate coming home to a mailbox full of meaningless envelopes? Turns out the planet agrees with you. According to PayItGreen, Americans save 452,819 trees per year for every 5% of households that switches to electronic bills, statements and payments.

While you do your part, more than 3,200 suppliers have formally signed on to Project Gigaton™ ― Walmart’s initiative to prevent 1 billion metric tons (a gigaton) of emissions from its value chain by 2030 – making it one of the largest private sector consortiums for climate action in the world.