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Social Gatherings for Midlifers IRL (In Real Life)

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Throughout our lives, we are offered many outlets for networking and socializing. We meet and make new friends at work. We socialize with the friends of friends and branch out from there. Sometimes, later in life, while we are taking on new things, like starting a business or even if we are exploring the early days of retirement, meeting and networking with others becomes more challenging. The ways that we meet people changes and we become a little more discerning about who and where we want to spend our time.

As a mid-lifer herself, Dianne Grattan successfully started and runs a business catering to midlife singles in the greater Boston area. Throughout the years of meeting and talking to so many people, she saw a need for a different kind of club: one where a person's relationship status doesn't matter, but their desire for social interactions with other like-minded, similarly aged, and most importantly, discerning individuals mattered. A lot. Dianne decided to add the IBD Social Club to her offerings to fill this need.

There are many places to try to meet with new people (meetup, match, etc.), but none are geared toward mature folks with a desire to meet mature friends for a theater performance or a casual fine dining experience or a night of good comedy. The difference with The IBD Social Club is that the events are well thought out and tailored for an audience that is at or beyond midlife who want to enjoy life by socializing and expanding their horizons. There is definitely cross-over. Singles Club members will sometimes join the Social Club and vice versa, so there is plenty of opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy new experiences and maybe even strike up new relationships.

Find out more about the new IBD Social Club and come join us for our kickoff events coming up this month in the Boston area.