'Help Me, Dad!': Colbert Taunts Eric Trump After New Michael Cohen Revelations

The "Late Show" host has a mock plea from one of the former president's sons.

Stephen Colbert broke out his biting impression of Eric Trump, this time in response to comments by Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to Donald Trump.

Cohen, just freed from home confinement for offenses that included lying to Congress and campaign finance violations, vowed he wouldn’t be the only one to serve time for crimes related to Trump.

“There were quite a few people that were involved,” Cohen, who has since turned on his old boss, said during a CNN clip Colbert played. “Eric Trump was involved.”

When the camera came back to Colbert, he was in full Eric Trump mode.

“Help me dad!” he called out. “I’m too pretty for jail. It’ll destroy mom. Also second mom, third mom, and porn-star mom. She’s the only one who still calls me.”

The impression drew a rousing ovation from Colbert’s studio audience: