'Helluva Campaign Message': Stephen Colbert Torches Trump's 'Bizarre' New Video

"The Late Show" host mocks a strange new clip posted by the ex-president.

Stephen Colbert put Fox News on blast for using Monday’s eclipse to attack migrants.

“The Late Show” host rolled footage of the right-wing network pointing out people in dark clothing near the border as an announcer suggested they were waiting for the eclipse to sneak across.

“Yes, oh yes, immigrants in dark clothing are using the eclipse to sneak across the border,” Colbert sad. “They won’t get another opportunity like that until night.”

But Fox News wasn’t the only one using the eclipse to push an agenda.

“Of course Donald Trump had to make the eclipse all about himself. He posted this bizarre ad that was made by one of his fans,” Colbert said.

Colbert showed part the video shared by the ex-president that featured his own giant head eclipsing the sun.

“That is a helluva campaign message,” Colbert said, and then broke out his Trump impression. “I will bring darkness upon the Earth, blocking out all the life-giving warmth, driving the animals to stark madness.”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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