'Succession' Season 4 Is Definitely Going To Stress Us Out

We're sadly saying "f**k off" to the Roys in this live recap of the "Succession" Season 4 premiere.
Brian Cox and Matthew Macfadyen in the Season 4 premiere.
Brian Cox and Matthew Macfadyen in the Season 4 premiere.
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Well, after three wild seasons, the fourth and final season of HBO’s “Succession” is finally here. Which of the Roys will come out on top? Or will it be one of our favorite Roy-adjacent characters who takes it all home?

Will Kendall have another breakdown? Will Logan die? Will Cousin Greg have a one-liner that we’ll never forget? What’s gonna go down between Tom and Shiv? Is Gerri going to best Roman in epic proportions? Will Marcia seize the day and take the top spot? Or is Waystar Royco just going to burn to the ground?

Whatever happens, “we here for you.” Marina Fang, Ruth Etiesit Samuel and Erin E. Evans are live-blogging the Season 4 premiere of “Succession,” and we can’t wait to go on this journey with audiences. We might not know who wins — or, better yet, who is the biggest loser — until Episode 10, but we’re along for the ride.

Whew, 'Succession' Is Back

What a scene-setter of a final season premiere. As always, I probably missed a bunch of little moments and references. Everything in this show is just so brilliantly detailed.

I think the siblings have won the battle, but not the war. We shall see. They will probably get played again, because as Tom says to Kendall in Season 3: “I've seen you get fucked a lot, but I’ve never seen Logan get fucked once.”

Based on that teaser following this episode, looks like Tom and Shiv will be beefing for much of this season. I am very intrigued.

One of my many fascinations with this show is how everything is a transaction, so a couple of lines that stood out to me that further that sort of thesis statement.
  • Cousin Greg describing his date as “another tick on the chart.”
  • Logan saying that people are simply “economic units” and how we’re all just part of a market.
  • And in that big Tom/Shiv showdown, Tom suggesting they get into “a full account of the pain in our marriage,” and Shiv’s response: “I don’t want to rake up a whole lot of bullshit for no profit, Tom.” What a line!
I was half-listening to the post-episode commentary as I was typing this, and creator Jesse Armstrong notes that uncharacteristically reflective scene between Logan and Colin, and says that one way to think about this show is that it’s “a show about mortality.”

“And that interests me seeing somebody who’s maybe committed quite a lot of capital to not thinking about where all human lives go. And you can keep that at bay for a long time, but no one can keep it at bay forever,” he says.

As I’ve said before, I really think Logan might actually die because it would be a fitting end. It’s hard to imagine a more explosive or consequential or definitive ending. I will keep pushing this theory — with the caveat, of course, that I could be very wrong!

I cannot wait to talk nonstop about this show for the next 10 weeks. There are few shows during the last couple of years that have felt this dominant in the cultural conversation (lol, I sound like Kendall), and I’m so looking forward to all the things we’ll have to say about this final season.

The Hundred Sounds Like Spam And Other Premiere Thoughts

One thing I love and hate about this show is that they just kind of throw you right back into the drama. (Thank God for HBO and that pretty thorough recap before the premiere started.)

I had totally forgotten about Nan Pierce, so I might need to revisit a couple episodes in Season 2.

The sibs starting up The Hundred is hilarious to me. "Substack meets Masterclass meets The New Yorker meets The Economist?" Hell, no. Would not read. Would not subscribe.

I still live for every scene with Greg and Tom, and Tom is always going to find a way to torture Greg, and it will forever and always be funny.

Speaking of Tom, that scene with him and Shiv at the end was brutal. "I could see if I could make love to you," Tom says to Shiv. WHAT? Don't ever speak to me again. That's the only thing Shiv should have said to him.

I'm no closer to knowing who is actually gonna win this thing. But Logan, sitting in his chair, watching ATN late at night, and critiquing the host, is definitely some kind of hell. The man is stressed -- or something -- and let's see if the big man makes it through the season.

What a great premiere: everyone came out swinging and I'm ready to see what happens next week.

New Gen Roys On Top

Well, this episode was an emotional rollercoaster. It seems like the kids have bested their father — for now — and successfully climbed to the top of the Pierce bidding war. Once again, I’m wondering how long their alliance will last before things inevitably fall apart.

Moreover, it was so fascinating to get an inside look at Shiv’s personal life and the erosion of her relationship with Tom; I wonder how the sale will exacerbate their divorce. In the sneak peek of the next episode, we saw someone (the competitor, I think) asking who gets their house in the divorce, and the tension was palpable. I’m excited to tune in and find out!

Are You Losing It?

“Are you fucking losing it, Cyd?” Logan is definitely losing it, that’s for sure.

The Guffaw I Just Let Out

Ruth, I just snort-laughed at Tom saying that. Like, what? This is what you want? Right now? After THIS?! Poor Tom.

“I Could See If I Could Make Love To You"

LMAO, this relationship better be a wrap.

“I Think It Might Be Time For You And I To Move On.”

It’s happening!


The big Tom/Shiv confrontation we’ve been waiting for!

“I Hear You Date Models Now"

Oop, Shiv is BIG MAD.

Roman’s Idea Of Celebrating…

...is, of course, masturbating. Of course. *eyeroll*

Logan Has A Message...

“Congrats on saying the biggest number, you fucking morons.”

Logan Wants To Be Roasted And His Kids Aren’t There To Rise To The Occasion

Logan asking Frank and Karl to roast him is so hilarious. “Who wants to smell Greg’s finger?? Guess the scent!” LMAOOOOO. Logan, you a wild boy!

“This Is Disgusting”

But I think Nan secretly likes it a bit. Look at that slight smile and glint in her eye.

"Very Relaxed About The Eight Billion..."

A casual $8 billion. The bidding war for Pierce continues.

“Where’s All Your Kids, Uncle Logan?"

Greg really took the bait. LMAO. And great point about the ostensible divorce, Marina!

This Feels Like A Trap…

No one can win this, just like Boar on the Floor. It’s all for Logan’s entertainment. Nothing they say will be the right answer.

But Is It Real?

I wonder if Shiv is saying she’s getting a divorce just to assuage Nan. Everything on this show is a transaction and a power move, remember.

“It’s A Sad, Sad Day When Love Dies"

So, Tom is now the head of ATN; he and Shiv are getting divorced. And here’s to hoping they stay split. Most toxic relationship, whew.

It’s Nan! Finally, We Know Why She's Back

I was wondering why Nan (Cherry Jones) would show up this season, and now we know. “Horse potatoes!” is one of my favorite lines of hers in Season 2.

“Call Your Wife!”

“Call your fucking wife, Tom!”

Man, I have missed this show.

The Gerri/Karl/Frank Trifecta

Lol at them fighting over who is going to tell Logan the bad news.

A Food Reference Update

Roman: “We know him pretty well actually. I mean, we’ve never licked his big omelet nibbles…”

I guffawed.

Also, a few here with Tom and Cousin Greg: “She’s a firecracker, man. She’s crunchy peanut butter.” “He’s gonna fucking gut you like a rainbow trout.”

Tom Continuing To Terrorize Cousin Greg

These two. *chef’s kiss*

Poor Willa

Her look when Connor says he’s worried about turning into “a laughingstock,” and you can hear her in her head thinking: “Uh, like you aren’t already?!”

“Hoopla And Razzmatazz”

Why does Connor talk like a villain from the 1920s or something? Asking your fiancé to turn your wedding into a PR stunt is WILD.

“Uh, I’m Afraid We’re Gonna Need To Hear That Voice"

“That was my sister saying we would hear you better if you took my dad’s c*ck out of your mouth?” These writers are crazy, lmao.

"What Are People?"

“What are people? They’re economic units.”

Perhaps the thesis statement of this show. Everything, including family is a transaction!

Also, I think this weirdly introspective (for Logan) scene with Colin supports my theory that Logan might be dying, since he’s pondering what happens after we die. “I’ve got my fucking suspicions.”

Shiv With The One-Liners

But did you catch how she said, “I have to look out for myself.”


More Delicious (But Not Really) Food References

Tom: “She’s wolfing all the canapes like a famished warthog.”

Nan thinks the siblings are “fake fruit for display purposes only.”

"Little Piggies Stuffing Their Mouths"

Logan is so sick of everyone, my Lord.

“Disgustibus!!!! The Disgusting Brothers!”

Of course, Tom had to get his insults in to Greg at Logan's birthday party. This time via Greg’s date with the big-ass bag. Then, Greg’s date asked Logan for a selfie, and I am screaming!


“It’s fucking 1933, and I want to have a say." Uh, quite the year to cite, Shiv. Wonder what happened then? Oh.

Timeline Clue Here

Roman says they’ve been gathering funding for three months, so we can assume this is taking place a few months after the events of the Season 3 finale.

“The 'Wife' Part Of That…”

“The rocky old road of life, and the 'wife' part of that can be a difficult part of it, as you know. Not to comment. Just to say. Just to say, it would be great to get your take…”

Oh, Tom. He’s struggling through this conversation. This is also a nice callback to “I love the word ‘wife’!” in his cringey Season 1 wedding toast.

Spotted In That Tom/Shiv Phone Call

Tom is not wearing his wedding ring. But Shiv still is! Intrigue!

It's Marcia!

Kerry informs Cousin Greg (and all of us) that Marcia is “shopping in Milan…forever.”

I guess that divorce went through. Good for Marcia!

More Food References

Kerry: “We're not a fucking Shake Shack, Greg. This isn’t a pre-fuck party, it’s a birthday party.”
Kendall calls The Hundred “high-calorie info-snacks,” and then wonders if it should be “info-parcels or info-snacks?”

Reminds of Roman calling Vaulter (RIP) "tasty morsels for groovy hubs" in Season 1.

There’s Mr. Wambsgams!

I kind of squealed when I saw Tom pop up, not gon’ lie. Also, what does Shiv have going on? She’s being sneaky and it’s driving me nuts. I also hate her in this brown suit.

Opening Credits Sequence

I love how they change this ever so slightly each season: different bits of footage, like a little glimpse at Waystar Studios and LA to match this season’s new location of LA, and a different unhinged ATN chyron, of course.

“Munsters. Meet the fucking munsters.”

I’ve never seen anyone so displeased with their own birthday party as much as Logan. Greg bringing homegirl unannounced? I YELPED!

This Will Not Last Long

Ruth, I do not give it more than a few episodes, lol.

“I’ve Smoked Horse”

Kendall seems so chipper with his siblings. I wonder how long this little venture of theirs will last.

Nicholas Britell, you did that...

This theme song. I’ll miss it so much.

We Are Team Gerri

“But it doesn’t serve my interests. How does it serve my interests?”

While We're Waiting...

We had some thoughts about what we hope might get revealed this season, and made some (potentially foolish) predictions about how this might all end.

Oink For Your Sausages, Piggies!

I also wrote about the abundance of food references on the show. I will, of course, be keeping an eye on that tonight.

Action Stations!

Greetings, slime puppies, and welcome to our "Succession" season premiere live blog. The wait is finally over. It has been 15 long months since the credits rolled on that spectacular Season 3 finale, when Logan patted Tom’s arm, revealing one of the greatest twists I have seen on TV in a long time (well, since Kendall’s press conference in Season 2, another great twist). Anyway, we here for you as we prepare to say fuck off, be gone, bye bye to this wonderfully terrible family, so buckle up fuckleheads!

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