On 'Succession,' Logan Roy Just Died — And Grief Is The Last Thing On People's Minds

A quick recap of everything that went down on "Honeymoon States."

One thing to love about “Succession,” as HuffPost senior reporter Marina Fang pointed out recently, is that not much time passes between moments and episodes.

So when the fourth episode, “Honeymoon States,” starts right off at a memorial of sorts for Logan Roy (Brian Cox) at the Roy house, it was clear we’d be in for a jam-packed episode.

Marcia, Logan’s third wife, epically dismisses Kerry, his assistant and lover, when she shows up after being told not to come. The sibs throw digs at their late father while reading obits. And everyone angles to take the top spot at Waystar Royco.

In this chat, Taryn Finley, Candice Frederick and Erin E. Evans chat about all the things that happened the day after Logan Roy died in “Succession.”

Connor Is Still Living His Delusional Life

I literally laughed out loud when Connor said he wanted to buy Logan’s house. Marsha said she’d sell it for $60 million at least, and Connor looked like he was about to choke. They spit-shake on $63 million, and I’m immediately thinking, “Does Connor have that much money?” I know he’s campaign poor, but like he got tens of millions lying around? — Erin

It’s hilarious to me that Connor’s only play here is to buy more toys for himself. Why would he want to live there, to say that he does? Is this a play to keep Willa? I mean, I get that. But also, like you said Erin, does he even have that money? I really started doing some sloppy math in my head when that deal went down. Exactly how much do each of these siblings have??

Also: I think it’s really odd that while they’re basically at Logan’s memorial, all these very informal business deals are happening. No lawyer present, no notary, no paperwork, nothing that says any of these things are legitimate. They’re so foolish, all of them. — Candice

The most binding agreement was Marcia and Connor’s spit-handshake for the house! — Erin

That spit-handshake was the worst thing about this entire episode. I hope Connor’s account overdrafts and the house crumbles just for that. — Taryn

Right?! I have a hunch that Connor is going to return to Marcia to carry out the deal and she’s going to pretend that she has no idea what he’s talking about. And I would live for that. — Candice

This Conspiracy Theory Would Make For An Epic ‘Succession’ Storyline

Okay, ready for some wild conspiracy theories? I think Gerri had something to do with Logan’s death (yes, I am still thinking about the homicide theory), and that she got messy Kerry to somehow handle it, so that her hands were clean. I just think it’s very sus that Gerri was very obviously fired, but still has a stake in… anything here.

Also: I think Frank and Carl doctored Logan’s letter because it read that Gerri should be named successor (and, let’s face it, none of them stand a chance against Gerri). By the time she walked in, they got her to go along with their plan to collectively doctor the letter so that it looked like Kendall might (?) have been named successor. Because I think they realize that if Kendall is named successor, the siblings will just cancel each other out, then one of them can take over.

Also: I think Kendall’s name was absolutely crossed out, not underlined. — Candice

Candice, I am living for this theory. It complicates everything in the best possible way for a show like this. I love when something I’m not expecting pops up to change the game. And with this theory, I’m looking for every single hit that everything isn’t all as it seems. Plus, when Kerry dropped her purse, that was the FIRST thing I thought of. Like, maybe there are some pills in there that affected Logan. We only have six more episodes for them to get to the bottom of this! — Erin

Oh wow. This theory is great. Kerry was not to be trusted from jump. Because what are you really doing with this old ass man, Kerry? It’s not love, it’s not lust, so it has to be scandal. She’s been opportunistic from the jump.
Also, I can’t wait for Gerri and Roman to fight. I know it’s coming. I want to see a big blow up and Roman calling her all the childish, evil names he can muster up. — Taryn

Roman’s “old ladies” comment was so second-grade tantrum level. He’s such a child. — Candice

Tom Knows He’s In Trouble — And He Needs To Find A New Protector

Tom, like everyone on this show, is just trying to get in where he can fit in. That’s the only way I can also explain Shiv accepting her ding-dong brothers edging her out of being a successor. — Candice

Tom knows he’s in trouble. The only reason he’s even been around this long is because of his weasel-like behavior that got him in Logan’s good graces. Now that he’s dead, him and his shadow Greg are doing the same dance trying to stay relevant. The difference there, however, is that Greg is family and Tom is in the process of divorcing from the family while still needing a life jacket.
He better hope that’s his baby Shiv is carrying so he at least has some baby daddy privileges. — Taryn

LMAO. And he better figure out how to be a stay-at-home dad because if Shiv has it her way I’m sure she doesn’t want him anywhere near whatever Waystar Royco becomes. — Erin

That Marcia-Kerry Confrontation Was A+ Television

I just think that it’s hilarious that these rich white people are dealing with the estranged wife/new girlfriend drama after Logan’s death. We haven’t seen Marcia all season, yet when it’s time to claim what she feels is owed to her she shows up, and I’m not mad at it. I’m not sure what Kerry was thinking showing up to the house like she didn’t already know the energy wouldn’t be in her favor. This is the kind of drama I’ve only seen at Black funerals so I’m living. And when Marcia sent for a “taxi to the subway so she can go home to her little apartment,” I hollered. Tens across the board for that line alone. — Taryn

Marcia was elevated to icon status after that line, because it was delivered so coolly, with not one care in the world. And Kerry doing the absolute most with the tears! Girl, stop. Also, did anyone peep what was spilling out of her purse? In my head, I was thinking, okay, is that coke? Is that a condom? I was just very much interested in what’s inside the purse of a woman who doesn’t seem to be about anything. — Candice

I was squinting to see what was in that purse! Definitely a lot of stuff in there. And yes, that line from Marcia was just, oh, so perfect. Like, a taxi to the train? Not even all the way to her apartment. That’s epic level dismissal and I was living for it. — Erin

Shiv Is Pregnant And Her Next Moves Will Definitely Be A Power Play

I do not think that this is Tom’s baby. (Read: I hope this is not Tom’s baby, because I can’t stand to see him that happy). But I gasped when Shiv fell, because THE BABY. I wonder if she’ll keep it? I feel like she probably won’t. — Candice

In Episode 1, when she was chugging seltzer, I immediately was like is Shiv pregnant? So I’m glad to see that storyline get picked up, or at least hints of it. Candice, I also gasped when she fell. I hadn’t even thought about it not being Tom’s baby, but I would be here for that drama. — Erin

I know Shiv is about to let her frustration and ego lead her to get back at her brothers, but I need mamas to chill if she’s about to keep this baby. Like Candice, I feel like maybe she won’t, but at the same time, I wonder if she does and uses her pregnancy as some type of power play like everything else seems to be in this show. — Taryn

The Logan Roy Obituaries Were Far Too Nice — But The Roy Siblings Roasted Him Properly

“Business genius,” Shiv reads from Logan’s obituary. “Never paid a penny and U.S. taxes,” Roman quips back. I thought this scene was pretty genius, all of the Roy kids throwing jabs at their father based on flowery language in several of the obituaries. This reminds me that my favorite type of obituary is a brutally honest one, especially for folks who are pretty damn terrible. HuffPost’s obit of Rush Limbaugh fits that bill, headlined: Rush Limbaugh, Bigoted King Of Talk Radio, Dies At 70. We gotta be real about these rich powerbrokers, and the Roy siblings’ oral digs at their dad really go there. — Erin

Roman translating those obituaries gave me such life. Another one of those it’s funny because it’s true gafs. — Candice

Also, Tom had some good one-liners, of course, in another scene, remarking that Logan “died fishing his iPhone from a clogged toilet.” Tom blames the clogged up toilet on Frank, saying, “The man lives on Wonder Bread and steak frites. He hadn't had a shit for 20 years.” The writing here is so good — and gross. — Erin

We Know Who Will Replace Logan Roy — And It's About To Be Chaos

I love that Roman was NOT on board with Kendall being named the successor… until he was also named a successor. Because these siblings are nothing if they’re not deeply self-centered. — Candice

They’re so self-centered! I cannot see Kendall and Roman as co-CEOs at all, and I definitely can’t see Shiv just sitting back and letting this deal ride out. I’m wondering what her next move is gonna be. — Erin

I think Shiv, like Kendall seems to be doing, is about to build her own chaotic alliance. Because she’s not putting up with this foolery. — Candice

Shiv is about to take her power back in the next episode. I feel it. You could see her flailing from the moment the board let Kendall know Logan mentioned him as a successor. And, internally, you see Kendall flailing, too. They’re both going to make big ego-driven decisions in the next few episodes (Kendall already has as he’s gone behind Roman’s back on the PR campaign against Logan). It’s just going to get uglier from here before it gets better. But that’s what happens after death, right? — Taryn

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