SZA Airs Out Unfaithful Ex-Boyfriend At London Show

“It was terrible,” the “Kill Bill” crooner said of her former flame’s infidelity while performing on stage.
SZA performing during her "SOS" Tour.
SZA performing during her "SOS" Tour.
Kyle Gustafson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

SZA isn’t one to hold back from calling out toxic former flames in her tunes, and during a recent performance she did just that when she blasted her ex for allegedly cheating on her.

While performing at London’s O2 Arena earlier this week, the “I Hate U” singer opened up about her ex’s infidelity, which she admitted made it hard for her to enjoy London.

“I never told anybody, but like, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before,” the Grammy-winning singer told the crowd, as seen on multiple videos shared on social media.

“It was terrible,” SZA continued. “That’s why I was really sad to come here, but you guys made it so much better. Thank you!”

“This song is about my other trash ex-boyfriend,” the 33-year-old then said as she transitioned to her hit song, “Nobody Gets Me.”

Speaking with Hot 97 last year, the “Kill Bill” crooner dished out details about the aforementioned track, revealing it was about her ex-fiancé and the disagreements they faced before finally calling it quits.

“This particular song in entirety is a story about my ex-fiancé and how we went through all these arguments, and we broke up,” she explained. “And when we first broke up, it was terrible, and I just felt like I was gonna be doomed to be in hell for the rest of my life because nobody understood me the way he did, and nobody motivated me the way he did.”

SZA added: “He was just this rock in my life that just no longer exists. The stories that I tell in that song about our arguments… That’s the theme on that. I feel like a lot of people don’t understand me, but it’s okay.”

Earlier this year, SZA, who scored her first Grammy last year, was named Billboard’s 2023 Woman Of The Year just months after she released her long-awaited sophomore album, “SOS.”

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