These Target Bedding Buys Will Save Hot Sleepers From Overheating

Counting sheep won’t do much if you’re boiling in bed.
Tempur-Pedic cooling sheet set
Tempur-Pedic cooling sheet set

You’re snuggled up in bed, about to fall asleep for the night, and then suddenly, you start to feel like it’s sweltering. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Then you’re likely a hot sleeper.

Kicking off the blankets is a go-to option for many of us who sleep hot, but there is a better solution in the form of cooling bedding and accessories that will keep you nice and temperature-regulated for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Thankfully Target has you covered with highly-rated cooling sheets, comforters, mattress pads, and more. Below, we’ve rounded up the best bedroom products to help you feel comfy and cozy without having to worry about sweating.

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An anti-allergen cooling pillow
Cool to the touch, these sateen sheets are made with 60% cotton. The innovative pillow is designed to absorb excess heat, but it also has an allergen barrier that thermoregulates the pillow and works to inhibit the growth of nasty bacteria, which explains its current 4.8 out of 5-star review rating.
A cooling sheet set with a 400-thread count
Prefer something a bit luxurious? Look no further than this 400-thread count cooling sheet set from Tempur-Pedic made from Lyocell. The breathable fabric also is moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry while you sleep throughout the night.
A microfiber sheet set to wick away moisture
Do you often find yourself sweating at night? These cooling microfiber sheets are made with a fabric blend designed to wick away moisture and evaporate quickly. The nice thing about these sheets is they have all the sizes from twin to king, and they even come in five different color options.
A set of medium-firm cooling pillows
This two-pack of pillows from Kathy Ireland Home has “Brrr” technology which uses cooling minerals and moisture-wicking material that’s also rapid drying to keep sleepers comfortable all night. And if you’re a back sleeper, the pillows are medium-firm, which is the ideal softness for your sleeping position.
A cotton quilt with a stay-cool finish
You’ve got the sheets, and you’ve got the pillows, but what about your quilt or comforter topper? Consider this quilt woven with 100% cotton from Truly Calm. It’s designed with a cool touch finish for better temperature control. And along with the quilt, that’s offered in five colors, you’ll also get two pillow shams.
A cooling sateen-weave sheet set
If you prefer fun colors for your bedding, these cooling cotton blend sheets come in eight different colors. While they have neutrals like white, light blue, and khaki, they also have more bold colors like teal and black. Made with a sateen weave, these sheets are extra soft.
A cooling mattress pad
Sometimes the heat you’re feeling is coming from underneath you. And that’s where this luxurious quilted mattress pad from Tempur-Pedic comes in. Slip this mattress pad under your fitted sheet to sleep with less heat. The yarn is made with high molecular weight, which the brand promises will feel cool instantly.
A cooling body pillow made from memory foam
There’s not much better than snuggling up to a body pillow. It provides extra support and can give people extra comfort while they sleep. And while normally, this would just be another item to retain heat, Hastings Home has a cooling body pillow made with fluffy memory foam that promises to repel heat.
A fan that’s just the right size for your nightstand
Never underestimate the power of a small bedside fan. This compact Vornado model uses vortex technology to circulate the air in your room. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, this perfectly sized nightstand fan has many happy purchasers who are staying nice and cool.

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