Fox News Host Has A Meltdown Over 'Illegal Alien' Superman Defending Immigrants

He also missed a big part of the latest edition of the comic.
A Fox News radio host is complaining about Superman protecting immigrants.
A Fox News radio host is complaining about Superman protecting immigrants.
Andrea Comas / Reuters

A Fox News radio host and columnist doesn’t like the idea of Superman protecting immigrants from being massacred.

Todd Starnes slammed the Man of Steel for being an “illegal alien” and called him a “propaganda tool for the defenders of illegal aliens” in an opinion piece for the Fox News website.

In the scene in the latest edition of “Action Comics,” an armed man decked out in an American flag bandana lines up a group of immigrants he blames for taking his job. As he opens fire, Superman steps in, deflects the bullets, rescues the immigrants and captures the would-be mass shooter.

Their legal status isn’t mentioned, but Starnes assumes they are “illegal aliens,” using variations of the derogatory term six times in the 13-sentence column.

Starnes also fails to mention that the same issue shows Superman defending the homes of the wealthy from an arsonist.

“What do you care if I torch these one-percenters mansions,” the man setting the blaze tells Superman. “They’re stealin’ from us! They deserve to suffer!”

The issue, in fact, seems to make a point of showing Superman trying to protect everyone:

Starnes, however, ignores the other scene and focuses instead on Superman protecting immigrants.

“Remember when Superman stood for truth, justice and the American way?” he writes. “Then again, Clark Kent is technically an illegal alien – a native of Krypton.”

He also predicted that other comics will also show heroes protecting immigrants, which Starnes seems to think is a bad thing.

“It’s unfortunate that DC Comics is turning its stable of iconic heroes into political pawns – hell-bent on indoctrinating our kids,” he concludes.

Dan Jurgens, who wrote the issue, responded to critics such as Starnes on Twitter:

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