Trevor Noah Rubs Ted Cruz's Nose In An Old Tweet About Texas Power

"The Daily Show" comedian heated up the snark after the Texas senator blasted utility price gouging in his state's cold siege.

Trevor Noah lambasted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Monday for appearing to change his mind about Texas energy regulation after utilities charged as much as $17,000 for heat during last week’s brutal cold siege. (Watch the video below.)

The Daily Show” host pointed to a 2019 tweet in which Cruz bragged that the “success of TX energy ... was built over many years on principles of free enterprise & low regulation.”

But Cruz ― facing a PR nightmare after his trip to Cancun to escape the harsh conditions and rush home for damage control ― “has discovered that regulation might not be so bad,” Noah said.

The host highlighted a Cruz tweet from Sunday expressing outrage at the price gouging. “This is WRONG,” the embattled lawmaker wrote. “No power company should get a windfall because of a natural disaster.” He called the “ridiculous rate increases” an “injustice.”

In a mock accent as Cruz, Noah cracked: “The only Texan that should be getting hammered is me ― at the hotel bar in Cancun.”

Noah reverted back to his own voice and declared: “So Ted Cruz has reversed his stand on regulation like it was a flight path to Mexico.”

Fast-forward to the 3:00 mark for Noah’s takedown of Cruz.