Trump Jabs Democrats With Bizarre Brag: They Don't Have The Material We Have

Many people interpreted the comments as Trump admitting he obstructed Congress.

If President Donald Trump seems a little worried about the way his impeachment trial is going, he didn’t show it during a press conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday.

In fact, he taunted Democrats at one point by suggesting they didn’t have the information needed to impeach him.

“We’re doing very well,” he told reporters, before adding, “Honestly, we have all the material. They don’t have the material.” 

Many people responded via Twitter by saying the president was basically admitting to obstructing Congress ― which, of course, is the second article of impeachment he faces. Trump is accused of stonewalling the probe into his dealings with Ukraine’s government by preventing potential witnesses from testifying and by withholding key documents from investigators.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, who heads the team of House Democrats prosecuting the case against Trump in the Senate, responded to the president’s comments by saying hiding information from the American people “is nothing to brag about.” 

Other politicians offered similar reactions.

George Conway, the husband of White House strategist Kellyanne Conway, predicted on CNN that Trump’s bizarre brag would come back to haunt him.

“The president is actually not a very smart man,” said Conway, who despite his wife’s job is an especially vocal Trump critic. “What he did here, he’s undercutting the arguments that he needs to make to keep the material from coming out. He’s not able to think one step beyond what’s coming out of his mouth — he’s just not that smart. That’s what he did here, he’s undercutting his own defense!”



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