Self-Confessed Liar Tucker Carlson Goes To Bat For Serial Fabulist George Santos

Birds of a feather flock together.

Tucker Carlson, a self-confessed liar, dedicated four minutes of his prime time Fox News show Thursday to mocking what he believes has been exaggerated media coverage of serial fabulist Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who fabricated parts of his background and whose campaign finances are under investigation.

Carlson ignored the more serious allegations being made against Santos by sarcastically labeling the first-year congressman a “threat” and “9/11 in human form.”

The Fox News personality fixated for much of his monologue on Santos’ falsehood that he played volleyball on a scholarship in college, calling it “a tissue of lies constructed to deceive the American people.”

“A fraud, a ghoul. People voted for this man believing he had played collegiate volleyball on a scholarship and he hadn’t,” he said. “And yet tonight, ladies and gentlemen, this thief of volleyball glory strides the halls of the United States Congress unimpeded by law enforcement. It’s like another insurrection.”

Carlson’s commentary was in stark contrast to Santos’ previous appearance on his show in December, however, when he was grilled by guest host Tulsi Gabbard.

Watch the video here:

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