Tucker Carlson's New Definition Of White Supremacy Is A Knee-Slapper

The Fox News exile compared white supremacists and child molesters in a rambling "Tucker on Twitter."

Tucker Carlson on Thursday tried to distill the meaning of white supremacy in a monologue pandering to racists. (Watch the video below.)

“Is white supremacy liking white people too much?” he asked on “Tucker on Twitter.”

Carlson played dumb on the meaning of white supremacy while he was the prime-time king on Fox News, before getting the heave-ho in April. He infamously called it a hoax and stoked fear by claiming policies were aimed to replace white people.

This time, Carlson accused the feds of ignoring child molesters to focus on the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection and attack white supremacists.

“White supremacists are America’s new child molesters,” he said. “We’ve got zero tolerance for white supremacists.”

After playing a clip of President Joe Biden denouncing white supremacy at Howard University, Carlson said:

“But what is it? That’s the question. Can anyone in authority actually define white supremacy? What is it? Is white supremacy liking white people too much? If so, that’s gonna put those of us with white children in a pretty tough spot.”

He continued in familiar territory:

“Or is white supremacy something much more obviously bad, like trying to expel all nonwhites from America and creating some kind of ethnostate? If that’s Joe Biden’s definition, what exactly is the scope of this threat?”

Carlson’s Twitter show is in its first week, but he’s the same old Tucker.

Fast-forward to 6:50 for many of Carlson’s comments on white supremacy:

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