This Acne Treatment From Amazon Can Deliver Freakishly Good Results

We found out how the TikTok-famous De La Cruz acne treatment appears to work wonders on pimples overnight.
This 10-minute wash-off acne treatment uses 10% sulfur to target everything from blackheads to cystic acne to scars.
This 10-minute wash-off acne treatment uses 10% sulfur to target everything from blackheads to cystic acne to scars.

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TikTok, you’ve done it again. The app surfaced yet another notable skin care product, this time an unassuming $6 acne treatment that has become associated with phrases like “life-changing,” “bona-fide miracle” and “very fast-acting.”

The De La Cruz acne treatment, which is available on Amazon, is a 10-minute wash-off mask that targets a variety of acne types, from cystic to fungal to hormonal. The concentrated formula also claims to even work on old acne scars.

Many acne sufferers on TikTok who have become De La Cruz converts say that the treatment makes even their most stubborn blemishes appear less inflamed, less painful and less raised in just one night or just a few days. Others also claim that this formula can be a better and less-drying alternative for more sensitive complexions that can’t tolerate traditional acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and other beta hydroxy acids.

And, if you don’t like sleeping with a slew of acne-targeted skin care products on your face, this product might be a good option: It’s directed to be used as a mask and be washed off after 10 minutes.


ill check back in a couple days after using it a few times 🫶 but i forsure see results already #sulfur

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I was curious what exactly makes this product effective for so many people, so I asked New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp, who cited the 10% concentration of sulfur, an active ingredient that is used to treat a number of skin concerns like rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.

“Sulfur is an effective acne treatment because it has antibacterial properties, and skin bacteria are one of the contributing factors to acne. [It] may also assist in skin exfoliation,” Camp said.

Due to these possible dual capabilities, Camp explained, a product like the De La Cruz treatment can effectively address bacteria-inflammatory acne, as well as treat whiteheads and blackheads because of its ability to encourage exfoliation and prevent blocked pores from forming.

Many first-person reviews confirm its effectiveness, while also adding that the treatment has been useful for treating a particularly difficult skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. a disorder that often results in inflamed lesions and scars.

Camp cautioned that sulfur has the potential to be drying, because in addition to promoting skin exfoliation, it may reduce oil production.

“Use sulfur-containing products in combination with a moisturizer to prevent
skin irritation,” he advised.

Keep reading for more De La Cruz testimonials from fellow acne-havers, or, if you don’t need any more convincing, grab yourself a jar via the link above.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Has a couple spots on my face left the mask on for 10 mins, washed off and the next morning my spots were so much smaller and [I] could barely see them.” — Briauna Maya Jenkins

“I was super impressed with this acne treatment! It was really effective at drawing the moisture out of stubborn acne without irritating my skin. I saw a big improvement in two days, it definitely cleared up quicker with this product than it would have with other acne products like salicylic acid, BHA, etc. The directions said to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I kept it on [for] an hour and did not have any issues.” — Cat

“This stuff is incredible! I never write reviews but I struggled with perioral dermatitis for six freaking years and this stuff completely healed it. I tried everything (and I literally mean everything) to heal my PD. A combination of this sulfur cream and [apple cider vinegar] spray healed my skin and it’s finally clear again. I swear by this stuff, I’ll never go without it!!” — Danielle Johnson

“Just bought my second jar of this and I can say that I have zero acne or any skin issues and I’ve only used this for about a month. If you’re thinking about getting this, you need to get this! It will change your life!
I have dealt with acne and other skin concerns for over a decade and nothing I have tried nor been prescribed by my dermatologist has ever worked for me. I literally stumbled across this product and read the amazing reviews and figured I had absolutely nothing to lose. It cleared up over a decade’s worth of skin issues in less than a week. ], I literally can’t believe it. I use it every night and every day I wake up amazed at what it’s doing. I could cry from the amount of happiness I feel and the way my skin looks and feels. I will never ever stop using this!” — Fran

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