Ex-Trump Supporter Goes Viral For Frank Explanation Of Why She Switched Candidates

The North Carolina woman memorably summed up why she was voting for Nikki Haley instead.

A clip of a North Carolina woman explaining why she isn’t voting for Donald Trump in the GOP primary went viral on Super Tuesday.

“What made you switch from Trump to Nikki Haley?” NBC News correspondent Shaquille Brewster asked the voter, in a segment that aired on MSNBC.

“The man is a lunatic,” she responded. “And I think he’s terrible for the country.”

“He lies, he cheats, he’s bankrupted millions of businesses and people, and I don’t see anything good about him,” the woman went on.

A clip of that exchange posted by MeidasTouch senior digital editor Acyn Torabi racked up more than a million views by Wednesday morning.

Asked if she would support President Joe Biden over Trump in November if the former president becomes the Republican nominee, the woman said she wouldn’t vote for Biden and would not know what to do.

“It will be a hard decision,” she said.

According to Brewster, the voter went on to say that she would consider voting for Trump in the general election if he selects a running mate whom she likes.

The Monday interview aired as part of a report on what comes next for Republican voters who have turned to candidates other than Trump, such as former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, if a likely Trump-Biden rematch occurs.

“You can bet, based on the conversations that I’ve been having at least, a lot of them will likely go back into the fold... and vote for Donald Trump,” Brewster said.

After winning only the Washington, D.C., and Vermont primaries, Haley ended her campaign Wednesday, leaving Trump poised to clinch the Republican nomination even after being criminally indicted four times.

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