The Best Men’s Black Jeans Are Less Than $15 At Walmart

“Never had a problem with them whether chopping wood, hiking, sleeping, or just sitting through a meeting,” wrote one reviewer.
Wrangler Rustler men's regular-fit jeans.

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For close to a decade now, I’ve been exclusively wearing men’s pants. While I do tend to dress more masculine or androgynous, I’ve certainly styled said men’s pants in more feminine, even straight-up “girly” ways. As someone with a more hourglass figure and a shorter torso, I find men’s pants nicely go over my hips. The roomy pockets are a no-brainer. And the cut generally sucks in my tummy and just makes me feel secure as I move around.

Yes, as in the women’s section, these days, it’s hard to find a pair of 100% cotton men’s jeans. Let alone a pair of 100% cotton jeans that cost less than $100. So when I recently snagged a solid pair of black denim for $15, I knew I needed to tell the world.

Made from Rustler, Wrangler’s budget-friendly line that’s primarily sold at Walmart, these men’s straight-legged pants are sturdy, solid and stylish. Though they are “men’s” pants, I comfortably wear them (they come up to my belly button) and feel their higher cut looks great over my hips. They suck you in a little bit without being suffocating and make you feel secure, even as they soften a little bit after long-term wear.


As stated, they’re 100% cotton, in a regular relaxed, straight-leg fit that gives you room to move without being too boxy or bulky. They have a metal zipper fly with a single-button closure with two roomy pockets in the front and back.

I personally like them for bleach and tie-dying. (Pictured below is my latest customization.) As they are 100% cotton, they take dye well and can go through the wash and dryer a bunch without losing their shape or shrinking.

Another draw to these pants, and to snagging a pair online, is the wide size range they run in. On Walmart’s website they list 43 waist sizes between 29 and 54 inches, along with odd-sized inseams (31, 33, 35, etc.) which in men’s jeans world, is a big flipping deal. In my experience, they’re pretty true-to-size, with a roomy cut if you, like me, are blessed in the thighs, hips and butt area.

My black Rustler jeans after bleaching and tie-dying.
Courtesy of Griffin Wynne
My black Rustler jeans after bleaching and tie-dying.

For less than $15, these pants are a pretty great staple for all wardrobes, regardless of gender. They go with everything. They travel well and don’t really wrinkle. They’ll last a while and they feel comfortable from the first wear. See what some Walmart reviewers are saying or just scroll all the way down to get a pair for yourself.

“Great jeans and so comfortable! Perfect weight. Great price and we’ll worth the money.” — Cowgirl61

“Great fit, true to size, comfortable and look great. I have purchased Rustler jeans for years and you can’t find better jeans at such a wonderful price” — Richard

“I buy these classic wrangler jeans for my son. He likes the comfortable fit and breathable denim ( very different from the tight knit jeans out there nowadays). These are perfect for the hot and humid climate in south Florida. They run true to size in fit and in length.” — Walmart customer

“Love the Rustler men’s jeans. High quality, great fit, always dependable. The other name brand jeans are extremely overpriced and rarely fit the way they should anyway. Been much happier since I found the Rustler jeans. I always buy the regular fit in prewash. Every pair is a dependable size and fits the same as the pair before.” — tom

“Sturdy, well-made jeans at a decent price. My husband is a farmer and they far outlast other brands and are soooo much cheaper!! My son and grandson also wear them because they are comfortable, well-priced, and last for a long time! Have been buying them for many years!!” — MomMT

“Love rustler jeans. They are all I wear. They are made well, last a long time and fit perfectly. They are an excellent product for the low price.” — Bob

“it’s usually tough when searching for jeans for my 11 yr old son because he is a big boy and hes 28 inches in length and 35 around. Most stores offer jean sizes 34″ waist 36″ wait etc but never 35″ until now. We got 29 length anc 35 waist which fit him perfectly!” — HAnnie

“I’m real into history and love the fact that these are made like the original indigo denim trousers were (blue jeans). Never had a problem with them whether chopping wood, hiking, sleeping, or just sitting through a meeting. Would definitely reccomend.” — Average american man

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