Psst: There's A $20 Lookalike For That Viral Drinking Tumbler

It costs three times less and is a top-tier doppelgänger for one particular internet-famous cup.
Ozark Trail vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler, available at Walmart

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Tiktok has made the Stanley drinking tumbler more popular than the Corn Kid. But $45 is quite the chunk of change to spend on a water bottle. Sure, no one wants their iced coffee to turn into a watery brown puddle while they drink it, but isn’t there a less expensive way to nurse a cold drink? As it turns out, there is.

Walmart’s 40-ounce Ozark Trail tumbler is known to many camping enthusiasts as a great substitute for its pricer counterpart. The cup is also double insulated, which keeps liquids cold for the entire day. As with other insulated tumblers, it can keep hot liquids from cooling too, for up to six hours.

The food-grade stainless steel is rust-proof, which means there’s no metallic aftertaste. You can drink from the opening on the lid or through the included straw, and there’s a hefty carrying handle for toting it around easily. (It’s hard to deny the similarities between this and the Stanley cup, which boasts many of the same features.)

Ozark Trail Insulated Drinking Tumbler

Not convinced? Keep reading to read excerpts from several select customer reviews:

“100% satisfied. [It] works just as good as my Stanley Quencher and my Simple Modern Trek.” — Christene

“I really like the huge insulated tumbler/cup. It keeps the ice pretty well for five to six hours, though it does melt down some. I feel it works better for hot drinks, but they do become lukewarm. It’s so tall [that there’s] a rubber extension on the included straw. I use it daily. It’s also a pretty pale lavender color which I love.” — jq12

“This is huge! I love the look and feel of this! It feels and looks high-quality. I was impressed with the craftsmanship. This one is 40 oz and has a base that was designed to fit in a standard car cup holder. And it came with its own silicone reusable straw!” — Photoguys2003

“My husband loves his new insulated mug!! Especially the comfortable handle. It holds a lot and is heavy so for an older person, the handle is great!! He’ll use it mainly when he plays golf to keep his ice water cold. We tried it out and still had ice in it the next day! Highly recommend!” — Luveena

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