Republican Group Trolls 'Weak, Fragile Man' Trump With Urgent Reminder For Voters

The Republican Accountability PAC put the former president on blast for his comments about other Republicans.

As Donald Trump all but seals the Republican nomination for president, one anti-Trump organization on the right is reminding GOP voters of how he really feels about many of them.

“Donald Trump doesn’t want you,” the voiceover in the spot by Republican Accountability PAC states.

The former president has said he would “permanently” ban all Nikki Haley contributors from his MAGA movement, and said he’s “getting rid of” Mitt Romney Republicans.

“This is the disposition of a weak, fragile man,” the voiceover says. “A man whose ego is so delicate that he purges anyone who offers the slightest critique.”

Since Trump doesn’t want these voters, “we don’t want him either ― and we don’t want him getting anywhere close to the White House again.”

Check out the full spot below:

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