28 Weird Father's Day Gifts For That Cheesy Pop Of Yours

Dad will love a macaroni-and-cheese robe, a nose-hair removal kit, and of course slippers that look like grilled steak.

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: They are all weird in their own way.

But corporations that need to mass-produce to stay in business can’t necessarily tailor each product to what makes your pop one of a kind.

That means HuffPost Weird News is stepping into the void once again.

We’ve combed the world (did a brief internet search) to find the weirdest gifts you can give to a weird dad.

And, yes, a macaroni-and-cheese robe might seem kinda cheesy, but chances are, so is your Dad.

Combination Tie And Apron
Making food can be messy, but that doesn't mean you can't be stylish. The TieApron will allow Dad to look classy even while he's covered in splatters and spills.
Macaroni-And-Cheese Bathrobe
There are cheesy Father's Day gifts and then there is this mac 'n' cheese robe. It's a great outfit for Dad to wear when he wants to pasta time.
Chargers That Resemble Spread Ass Cheeks
Does Dad act like an ass when he misplaces his phone charger? With these Cheeky Chargers, he'll have a vested interest in keeping close track of them (lest company see them plugged into the walls).
Suit That Doubles As 3-D Scanner
If Dad is doing a fitness program and wants to monitor his progress with 3-D modeling, the Zozofit can do the job with the help of his smartphone. Coming to terms with his aging body? Not included in the package.
Nose Hair Removal Kit
If Dad looks like he has a mustache even after he's shaved, it might be time to finally deal with those nose hairs. Trimming them is just temporary, but this nose hair removal kit can keep that nasal thicket away for up to six weeks.
Homer Simpson Disappears Into Bushes Sweater
Is Dad a little overwhelmed by the state of the world? Well, he can't avoid living in it, but he can at least silently protest with this Homer Simpson sweater, the unofficial symbol of wishing you could be any place but where you are currently.
Rolling Stones Keurig Iced Coffee Kit
Does your Dad like coffee and classic rock? This Rolling Stones Keurig Iced Coffee Kit (which officially goes on sale June 6) is a great way to start him up every morning, especially since it comes with a curated playlist.
Godfather-Inspired Italian Foods
Giving "Godfather"-themed Italian foods to Dad means accepting a hard truth: He's going to make "Godfather"-themed jokes. If you can live with hearing "I'll make you a pasta you can't refuse" countless times, go for it, dude.
Steak Slippers
Beef: It's what's for dinner. And thanks to the Black Angus steakhouse chain, it's also for your feet. Imagine the joy your Dad-joke-loving pop will have when someone asks if these steak slippers are hard to get. "Well, I'd say they're medium rare."
Candle Shaped Like A Woman's Legs
It's an age-old dilemma: Dad wants a leg-shaped lamp like in "A Christmas Story." Others are... not so sure. This candle shaped like a woman's legs is a little more subtle and a little less permanent.
Floaties That Look Like Formula 1 Racing Vehicles
With these fan-powered floaties that look like Formula 1 race cars, you and Dad can reenact your favorite scenes from the "Fast and the Furious" movies in a slightly safer setting than the open road.
'Rick And Morty' Ashtray
Now that your Dad has discovered "Rick and Morty" years after everyone else, he's sure to find this themed ashtray "smokin' hot." And you can tell him, "That's actually a line from 'The Mask.'" And he will say, "Details, details."
Cannabis Cocktail Mixers
As cannabis becomes, at least in some states, as ubiquitous as alcohol, some companies are getting in on the cocktail game. These flavored cannabis mixers contain between 10 mg and 100 mg of THC and can be mixed with soda or, if Dad dares, actual alcohol.
Weed Wacker For The Face
When Dad is done using a weed wacker in the yard, he can use one on his face. Sorry, there is not a leaf blower version available — yet!
Robot That Carries Your Stuff
Yeah, Dad has stuff he needs to carry, and it doesn't always fit in his pockets. If he doesn't want to carry a backpack or a "man purse," there is this 21st-century alternative: a robot that follows him carrying all his stuff. Of course, if he has too much stuff, the robot may need a robot too, but that's next year's gift.
Slot Car Racing Set
Depending on his age, there's a good possibility that Dad played with slot cars as a kid. This set will bring back memories for the whole family, especially when he yells at you for winning the race.
Master Crapsman Gift Set
If you wish Dad paid as much attention to his gastrointestinal issues as he does to his tools, then maybe this tool set-themed collection of bathroom sprays can help the family breathe easier.
Portable Karaoke Machine
So, Dad got kicked out of the karaoke bar after one too many times demanding they add more Steely Dan songs. What to do? What to do? Well, this portable "minioke" machine can not only take up the slack, but also since its portable, Dad can do karaoke anywhere he wants. Sorry, those are the rules.
Kiss Cold Gin
Dads looking for some classic booze to go with their classic rock will appreciate Kiss-branded "Cold Gin," which is named after one of the band's most beloved songs. Annoyingly literal Dads might point out that the gin isn't actually "cold" until he puts it in a freezer or a cooler. "That's kinda deceptive, if you ask me." Uh, sure, Dad.
Device That Turns Cans Into Cups
Yes, beer comes in cans, but if Dad prefers more stylish drinkware at the picnic or barbecue, maybe you can reach a compromise with the DraftTop, a device that can cut off the top of a beer can so that Dad can enjoy his favorite beverage with a slightly increased chance of spillage — everyone wins?
AI Camera That Films Your Kid's Sports Highlights So You Don't Have To
If your Dad is the type who insists on filming every single moment of your soccer games for posterity, the Traceup is the gadget for him. It uses AI technology to record all your plays, good or bad. No pressure there.
Game That Combines Pickleball And Spikeball
It's a modern-day quandry: Dad, of course, wants to play pickleball, but the kids prefer spikeball. Luckily, PaddleSmash threads that needle, allowing everyone to get what they want... sort of. If only we could solve our political differences the same way.
LED Lights That Also Repel Mosquitos
Party lights are great for setting a mood — and sometimes attracting summer bugs. The Bitefighter brand of string lights also sprays repellant so that buzzing mosquitoes won't kill the buzz of the party.
Yellowstone Grill Accessory Collection
Is your Dad sad that "Yellowstone" is ending its run? Help him keep the show alive with a grill accessory collection themed after the show. Your Dad will proudly put on the gloves and say, "Do my hands look like Kevin Costner's?" Answer him very carefully. Trust me on this.
Robot That Paints Athletic Fields
Any Dad who inadvertently volunteered to mark the soccer field will appreciate the Turf Tank, a robotic field painter that does that annoying chore so that time can be spent doing more productive things — like criticizing the coach.
Darts That Use Suction Cups Rather Than Pointy Tips
Dad loves to play darts, but, for reasons we won't go into here, you kinda want to keep him away from sharp objects (the neighbors are still talking about that Arbor Day hospital visit). Luckily, PopDarts is to the rescue, using an amazing Space Age technology called "suction cups." No more needing to wear welding masks when Dad's throwing! Everyone wins!
Cannabis Booze
Sure, Dad might act like he's happy with the same old bottle of whiskey or Scotch, but deep down, he may prefer the buzz that comes from drinking nonalcoholic cannabis booze: He will feel like he's in a giant bubble — in a good way.
Halo Infinite Master Chief Fleece Robe For Adults
Dad may or may not play Halo Infinite, but he will certainly enjoy being called "Master Chief" when he wears this fleece robe. I mean, there are worse names, right? You may have to explain that it's just a game and you're not going to call him that when your friends come by. Boundaries.

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