Under-$20 White Elephants Gifts That Will Make You The Life Of The Party

Don’t be the person who brings the boring gift no one wants.
Nachosaurus snack holder, money toilet paper, Tamagotchi and Yodeling Pickle.
The fast-paced, trade-based holiday gift swap goes by many names: White Elephant, Pollyanna, or, where I’m from, a Yankee Swap. While it’s always called something different, one thing remains the same: You don’t want to be the person that brings a boring gift that no one wants. To help ensure your status as the cool, fun person at the party, we rounded up the best things to bring to the swap this year, all under $20.
Like any good White Elephant gift, these are not thoughtful, long-lasting presents that will make the receiver feel cared for. They’re silly, over-the-top items that are meant to make everyone laugh without breaking the bank.
Of course, you may find yourself playing Pollyanna at a work party or with your new in-laws you don’t know that well, so we did throw in some budget-friendly, non-offensive and even practical items that are crowd-pleasing but still fun.

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A roll of money that's also toilet paper
Embrace your inner Mr. Burns and wipe your tush with this role of cash-themed toilet paper. It's a gag gift that will surely make the rounds in whatever game gift you're playing. And yes, it is actually flushable.
A tiny ladybug vacuum cleaner
This little ladybug will bring a pop of color to any desk and works to suck up dirt and dust from your keyboard or tables. Extra points if you include the two AA batteries it needs. (You can also get it in green.)
Nachosaurus, the prehistoric snack dispenser
This Nachosaurus dino-shaped snack holder and dip container are so fun, you'll probably snag one for yourself, too.
Bandages bearing Shakespearean insults
To be or not to be, that is the question. Yet, for scholars, historians and theater lovers, these Shakespearean insult bandaids will be — without question — a huge hit. The box contains 15 “actual bandages,” according to the brand, and it comes with a mystery gift.
Two pairs of sushi socks
You'll be on a roll with this container of sushi-themed socks. One looks like salmon nigiri and one's styled after a cucumber roll, so everybody's happy. They’re available in two sizes: one for shoe sizes 5.5–9 and one for sizes 9.5–13.
The world's smallest violin
Now you can really play someone a song on the world's smallest violin. It even comes with a tiny bow, a stand and a carrying case, for extra effect.
A very faithful $19 version of the Stanley cup
It looks like a Stanley cup, but for half the price — what can beat that? While we can’t vouch for the quality, it certainly looks convincing. It also promises to keep drinks at temperature (hot or cold) for hours on end.
A timeless Tamagotchi
Bring back the '90s with a colorful Tamagotchi. It's a blast from the past that will have you stressed about feeding a fake electronic pet for hours.
The ever-beloved Yodeling Pickle
The name of this classic White Elephant mainstay says it all: It's an electronic yodeling pickle, and it will bring the yodel-lols.
A fabulous pair of flamingo scissors
ADD a little pizzazz to their craft drawer with a set of flamingo scissors. Maybe if they're hot pink they'll be easier to find when they need them? Here's hoping.
A set of dino-full bath bombs
Bring Jurassic Park to the bathtub with this set of dinosaur-themed bath bombs. They're egg-shaped and contain mini plastic dinos.
Fancy salt in a pretty jar
A little on the serious side but still colorful and fun, this container of salt has been hand-harvested in France and now will look great in any kitchen.
A build-your-own slice of pizza
The upper crust of gag gifts, this build-your-own set made from off-brand Legos is fun to make and to display.
MOMA design store
A reusable to-go cup from the Big Apple
The iconic to-go cup, now ceramic and able to be reused every morning. If you're playing with people who have moved out of the city, they'll love this for sentimental sips.
A cute mini waffle maker for cute mini waffles
A favorite on TikTok, this mini-waffle maker heats up in just a few minutes and is perfect for making tiny waffles or other fun recipes that are crispy and gooey.
SpongeBob SquarePants Kraft mac & cheese
If you haven't heard the news, Kraft brought back the beloved SpongeBob version of their macaroni and cheese after the internet begged them for close to a decade. It's a budget-friendly gift that will make someone very happy.
Tennis-inspired tongs that will cause a racket
Tennis lovers will get a kick from this set of this pair of beech wooden serving spoons that look like rackets.
Gift not included
You've heard of "batteries not included,” but what about giving batteries and not including the gift? Dad joke-induced groans aside, this gag gift will likely actually get some use this holiday.
A tortilla blanket, to become a burrito
Become a human burrito with this soft tortilla blanket. The larger sizes are over $20, but you can snag the mini 47-inch option under budget.
A toilet mug
Face the porcelain, but in a nice way. This ceramic toilet mug holds 12 ounces, and will bring the laughs. Note: It's not microwave or dishwasher-safe.
A puffer for your Pilsner
You love your puffer jacket, so naturally you’ll want a mini one for your favorite canned drink. It accommodates 12-ounce cans and is equipped with a grippy base to help your beverage stay put.
A kitschy seltzer-themed dog toy
Seltzer lovers and dog owners will get a kick out of this La Croix-inspired doggy chew toy. It comes in a hilarious "'pamplemutt" flavor and will keep humans and puppies entertained.
AirPods ear hooks
A quintessential “joke present that turns into something you actually use,” these AirPods ear hooks turn your Apple wireless buds into more secure headphones, making them perfect for running, working out or just staying on your ears.
A set of sleek glass tumblers
Another more serious option that someone will actually like, this set of four glass tumblers are universal enough to fit all kitchen styles and are super light to take on the go.
The Kitsch heatless curling set
You can't go on TikTok without seeing someone doing their overnight heatless curl routine. The Kitsch set is a classic that will be loved by both intense beauty lovers and people who get ready in five minutes alike. People who know about it will trade for it in seconds; people who don't know will likely be interested in trying.
A Kasa smart plug
This Kasa device turns outlets into smart sockets that you can control via app or your voice and set to timers. It's a super-universal tech gift that's perfect for parties at which you don't really know the other guests' senses of humor.

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