Wolf Blitzer Calls Out GOP Governor For Apparent Change Of Tune On Trump

The CNN anchor questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu after he said he’d back Trump as the Republican nominee, even if he were convicted.

Wolf Blitzer called out New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, who has criticized Donald Trump on several occasions, over his recent decision to back the former president if he becomes the GOP nominee in his White House bid.

The CNN anchor questioned Sununu on Thursday after he said a day earlier that he’d support Trump if he’s the 2024 Republican nominee for president, even if he’s convicted. The former president is facing 91 felony charges in four indictments.

“Governor, I know you’ve suggested that you will vote for Trump even if he is a convicted felon. Nikki Haley has basically said that, as well. She’s refused to rule out joining Trump’s ticket as a vice presidential nominee,” Blitzer told Sununu, who has endorsed the former United Nations ambassador in the 2024 race. “Given that, why should anyone take either of your criticisms of Trump seriously?”

Sununu, who once predicted that Republicans would lose again if Trump is the nominee, has previously called on GOP candidates to “break free from Mr. Trump’s drama” and pushed them to “find separation” from the former president.

He also referred to Trump’s federal indictment over his handling of classified documents as “self-inflicted”. In June, he said he expects “some kind of guilty verdict” for Trump.

Sununu said Trump shouldn’t be the party’s nominee and called on his presidential rivals to acknowledge the seriousness of the allegations. “If even half of this stuff is true, he’s in real trouble,” he said of the charges.

In response to Blitzer, Sununu said the issue of voting for a convicted felon is a “complete hypothetical.”

“My point there is this: If you think that these court cases are going to come to some sort of firm resolution before the election and that was the result of any of these, they are going to impact the vote. Everyone always says that, but it never does, right?” Sununu said. “The voters are not looking at those issues. They’re not looking at Jan. 6. That is not what the voters are galvanizing behind. They know Bidenonomics, whatever that is, and inflation. These things have crushed middle American families.”

Sununu later brushed off “long-term hypotheticals” that voters “think may or may not” impact the election.

“You got to win the votes here. If you want Trump out, if you want to defeat Trump, it happens in Iowa and New Hampshire,” he said. “That’s really where it happens, and that’s why we don’t want anyone to kind of sit on the couch and just wait to see what happens in the court. I think that’s more of the driver than anything else.”

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