04/12/2021 04:32pm
The country is considering mixing vaccines to help boost their effectiveness, but they have not approved use of any foreign vaccine.
04/12/2021 04:34pm
Cases broke a record for the fifth time this week, overwhelming hospitals.
04/12/2021 04:37pm
Nearly all deliveries through the global program intended to help the world's poorest countries are blocked until as late as June.
04/12/2021 04:31pm
It comes as the European Medicines Agency concluded that unusual blood clots were "very rare side effects" of the vaccine but the benefits outweigh the risks.
04/12/2021 04:22pm
The decision underscores the challenges facing Japan as it struggles to stage a global sporting event amid the raging coronavirus pandemic.
04/05/2021 01:54pm
French President Emmanuel Macron announced a three-week nationwide school closure and a month-long domestic travel ban.
The state will pay up to $15,600 to undocumented workers excluded from COVID-19 unemployment relief — the largest such fund in the country.
The vaccine is free, but employees still bear the burdens of navigating sign-up systems and recovering from the shots.
In the past, FEMA has helped pay for funerals of Americans who died in natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.
Twitter users exercised their right to mock the Georgia Republican after she posted a video of herself doing a CrossFit-style workout.
The former vice presidential candidate also urged Americans to wear masks. "It's better than doing nothing to slow the spread," she said.
The nation's leading infectious diseases expert recalls one moment last April that was "a jolt."
"The high demands of some of our entitled patrons, coupled with these new rules designed to lessen the... risks of dining out, made for some tricky interactions."
"I have experienced approximately 100 symptoms. ... Although my life is no longer in danger, the inflammation that seems to be raging throughout my body will not quit."
"COVID-19 has opened a Pandora’s box of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues that will be difficult to put back."
"I'll never forget early pandemic when u found out how many ppl had second family homes"
Some college sexual assault victims welcomed remote learning due to COVID-19 because it was the only form of protection they could get.
People share how the coronavirus has affected their anxiety, depression and more, along with how they're coping.
The emotional impact of the coronavirus cannot be understated. Here are the main problems experts are worried about.
"I really am disabled now, so it really does take a toll."
From little kids to teens, here's to make the unknown exciting again – and calm any nerves.