Bald eagles Jackie and Shadow had thousands of fans watching a livestream of their California nest, hoping to witness eaglets hatch.
An orphaned killer whale stranded in a remote Vancouver Island lagoon is proving difficult for rescuers to catch.
Roger was "too friendly and boisterous" for work in drug detection — but his personality was perfect for a search-and-rescue dog.
A large distressed sawfish has been rescued by wildlife officials in the Florida Keys, where more than three dozen of the endangered fish have died in recent months.
“Just met 4 dachshunds in the park called Gary, Steve, Kevin and Dave, and my day improved by approximately 659%”
The felines have long wandered the gardens and elegant halls of the National Palace in Mexico City.
Most of the smolts inside the "fish taxi" simply swam away after the Oregon crash — and the human driver was OK, too.
"having a pet rlly shows u how pure love can be, like me n this lil creature love each other to DEATH and nvr held a conversation."
Amanda Richmond Rogers, a nurse and mother of four, had gone into a river in Alaska trying to rescue one of her dogs after he fell through the ice.
"Rusty, I’ve never known a dog like him," the famed primatologist said, remembering her beloved canine companion.