"A fly in the apartment is more valuable than the most expensive cat toy."
The Yankees slugger and his dachshund made quite a team in a pregame frolic.
An orca group broke the rudder and pierced the hull of a boat near southern Spain, adding to dozens of similar incidents this year.
Yellowstone National Park rangers attempted to reunite the baby bison with its mother, but were unsuccessful.
The warthog's desperate struggle against the ferocious big cats captivated viewers.
A horse trained by Bob Baffert has been euthanized on the track after going down with injury and unseating his jockey during a race on the Preakness undercard.
Experts say the phenomenon may have started after a female killer whale had a traumatic encounter with a vessel at sea.
"cats are so funny because like okay we get it you’re an apex predator but also you’re just a little baby"
Titan and one of his canine accomplices have already been adopted after their wild night went viral.
From icky skin and joint issues to allergies and dental woes, we've seen it all.