Artificial Intelligence

Instagram, Twitter and TikTok don’t protect LGBTQ+ users from harassment, according to a new GLAAD report — and AI could make it worse.
The FBI says hundreds of Americans have lost millions of dollars as a result of this grift.
The "Roar" singer has attended the annual fashion event for years, but was notably absent this time.
Maryland officials said the case appears to be among the first of its kind in the country and called for new laws to guard against the technology.
Viewers of “What Jennifer Did” are pointing out the peculiar fingers, hands and teeth in several photographs of a convicted killer.
The targeting program has reportedly been used in conjunction with another called “Where’s Daddy,” which tracked bombing targets to their family homes.
"The Daily Show" host compares the promise of technology to what's really happening.
Federal officials worry foreign adversaries could use generative AI to engage in covert influence operations to manipulate U.S. public opinion.
"After the AI digested my prompt, a face appeared on the screen. 'Wow, there he is.' I thought."
The AI-generated call encouraged New Hampshire voters to skip out on the primary election in January with a voice that emulated President Biden's.