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A 26-year-old suspect was arrested after clips showed a man stripping down and roaming around the iconic theme park ride on Sunday.
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As more U.S. households turn to streaming and distributors have less incentive to remain in the business, the industry is in for a shake-up.
Employees had enjoyed the perk for decades when Disney controlled the governing district.
A sweet romantic comedy-drama and 1995 cult classic are also trending on streaming services including Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video and Max.
Matthew Scott Montgomery, who appeared in "So Random!" and other series, says he was subjected to shock therapy as part of his supposed treatment.
Nearly half the park was closed in the morning hours after the bear was sighted in a tree near Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland.
The dispute had cut some 15 million cable TV customers off from ESPN and other Disney-owned stations.
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The Florida governor, running for president with dismal poll numbers, has been mocked by Democrats and Republicans for his feud with the media giant.