Walt Disney

The cast members who dress up as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters voted 953-258 in favor of unionizing.
On Tuesday night, the entertainment giant filed a motion to dismiss Carano's lawsuit on First Amendment grounds.
"You can’t please everybody all the time," the Disney CEO said.
Disney shareholders voted to rebuff Nelson Peltz and his ally, former Disney chief financial officer Jay Rasulo, who sought seats on the company’s board.
A few viewers were highly perturbed by Cena showing so much skin.
The "Santa Clause 2" star was supposed to join Duff on their parade float to promote the 2002 film — but the elf costume proved to be a sticking point.
Carano is seeking at least $75,000 in damages, as well as a court order that would force Lucasfilm to recast her.
The decision leaves the company's remaining hopes of regaining control of the district that governs Walt Disney World to a separate state court challenge.
The "Late Show" host mocked the Florida governor's bizarre verb choice.
The show has its messy moments but triumphs in its representation of Indigenous, deaf and disabled people.