Environmental Policy

"Your coal agenda is up there with your 9/11 theories," the California governor said.
Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed people were “safer than ever” from climate change just weeks after a Category 3 hurricane hit his home state of Florida.
Warnings about a future of climate-related disasters, the GOP governor and presidential candidate said, were merely “fear tactics.”
Corps members will build trails, plant trees, help install solar panels and do other work to boost conservation and help prevent catastrophic wildfires.
It's the latest attempt by the secretary-general to capture the horrors of what will likely be the hottest year on record.
The Libyan Red Crescent said 10,100 people also remain missing.
“We are in very bad shape," said one of the study's authors. "We show in this analysis that the planet is losing resilience and the patient is sick."
The sweltering summer of 2023 has seen a historic heat wave stretching from Texas across New Mexico and Arizona and into California’s desert.
The 19-year-old tennis star ultimately won the match, which was delayed for approximately 50 minutes due to the demonstration.
A new report details the "devastating" consequences of Trump’s promise to construct a “big, beautiful wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border.