Federal Reserve

Ahead of this year's presidential election, the central bank chief said that unemployment is low, with inflation receding and growth continuing.
Wall Street returned to record heights and capped a punishing, two-year round trip dogged by high inflation and worries about a possible recession.
It was the most painful inflation Americans had experienced since 1981, when “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Jeffersons” were topping the TV charts.
The aim of launching the two accounts is “increasing the accessibility and availability of Board news and educational content."
As Republicans seek to claim the “party of the working man” mantle, their candidates want the central bank to focus solely on prices, not jobs.
Economic forecasters increasingly see a soft landing for the economy, a win for President Joe Biden.
The Federal Reserve is poised to allow time to gauge the impact of its aggressive drive to tame inflation.
The unemployment rate ticked slightly up from a five-decade low the month before.
If the U.S. defaults on debt, we could see a rise in mortgage rates, credit card interest and loans. So why don't Republicans seem concerned?
Authors of a 2018 law rolling back bank regulations are oblivious to a damning report from the Federal Reserve.