Gas & Oil

Hilda Heine said allegations of backdoor fossil fuel deal-making "undermine the integrity" of the international climate talks.
Gas prices were finally starting to go down, but a new OPEC+ deal means they’re expected to rise soon.
August now holds the record for the most barrels of oil, according to the Energy Department.
Chevron is buying Hess Corp. for $53 billion in another huge deal this month as the industry uses its windfall from surging oil prices.
Fifty years after the 1973 Arab oil embargo, the current crisis in the Middle East has the potential to disrupt global oil supplies and raise prices.
The spike is not yet showing up at the pump, but fears of a regional conflict are driving up key crude benchmarks.
The president’s perennial political headache may come back as geopolitics and climate change squeeze supplies.
The Saudi cut of 1 million barrels per day, to start in July, comes as the other OPEC+ producers agreed in a meeting in Vienna to extend earlier production cuts through next year.
"Sir, the 'they' here is you. You work in the government," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted at the Florida senator.
Canola, soybean and other common cooking oils are getting a bad reputation as influencers say they cause inflammation and are "poison."