Nuclear Power

Holtec International says a state statute blocking routine water releases from Indian Point violates federal law.
The spending bill the House just passed contains $10 million for recycling nuclear waste.
While Rep. Adam Schiff said he supports fission energy, fellow Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee took firm stances against atomic power.
The White House won't renominate the Nuclear Regulatory Commission pick on whom the Senate previously refused to hold a vote, HuffPost has learned.
But critics say the administration is ignoring a key source of a special kind of nuclear fuel.
NuScale is the second major U.S. reactor company to cut jobs in recent months.
The Biden administration’s looming decision over its key climate law is dividing the legislators who wrote the bill — and the companies who lobbied for it.
The world wants more nuclear energy as a means to fight climate change and supply an ever-growing demand for electricity, part of a generational shift in thinking.
In a country that has long eschewed atomic power, young physicists and their allies are hoping that fresh political upheaval will offer a chance to change minds.
The new White House push to triple nuclear energy has been joined by more than 10 nations so far.