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The company's stock value tanked 18% after it announced a plan to add more shares.
The situation raises "a substantial doubt" about whether Trump Media & Technology Group can continue as a business, an auditor said.
How bad was the reaction online? Well, no one is telling Trump to give up her day job as RNC co-chair.
The Grammy winner, who has spent more than a decade out of the public eye, called the post a “little something to motivate the heart.”
“Put it in the Louvre,” a social media user said about an image of the actor's reaction in a resurfaced video.
A bizarre photo of LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels went viral ahead of the NFL draft.
The heiress shares two young children with her husband, entrepreneur Carter Reum.
The sweeping new law is expected to face First Amendment challenges in court.
For your own peace of mind, you'll want to consider using this smartphone feature.
In an all-caps Truth Social tirade, Trump claimed he has almost $500 million in cash — after his legal team said he can't come up with a $464 million bond.