Social Media

The "Silver Spoons" and "NYPD Blue" actor donated $150,000 to help free the teen charged with killing two people during a Wisconsin protest.
"I know it's bad, but everyone's doing it," said one teen in a new report showing teens are turning to their phones as a "constant sedative."
"I confront a stream of anxiety-inducing trigger statements every time I log on, a sudden feeling of impotence and voicelessness."
The photo featured Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto wearing lingerie.
Experts share their advice for parents who want to raise informed media consumers.
“The Good Place” actor has always been open about her daughters’ lives, but draws the line when it comes to posting photos of them.
It's unrealistic to suggest unplugging from the news or social media, but these tips will help you cut back.
In contrast, the president's inflammatory tweets have remained online — albeit with disclaimers — since they've been deemed "in the public's interest."
"Parenting involves a lot more sighing than I expected."
The Democratic vice presidential nominee is four times more likely to be the victim of disinformation posts on Twitter than her Republican counterpart.