The MSNBC host called out conservatives for violence in Target stores aimed at the LGBTQ community.
“I have bought seven of them and wear them everyday,” wrote a reviewer. “I will never wear a real bra again.”
The Montana incident was just the latest in an ugly rash of confrontations involving aggressive customers upset with the store's embrace of Pride Month.
Newsom and Greene butted heads after the California governor weighed in on Target's decision to pull some Pride Month merchandise from shelves.
The cohost of "The View" is "sick" of conservative meltdowns.
The retail giant is caving to "bullies" instead of standing by the LGBTQ community, critics say.
We found the pieces that reviewers say are “classy” and only look expensive — and most of them are under $250.
The retailer is making changes to its LGBTQ merchandise nationwide after an intense backlash from some customers including violent confrontations with its workers.
The colorful crochet purse feels designer — at a price you’ll really like.