The Transportation Security Administration expects Tuesday and Wednesday to be nearly as busy as travelers fly home after the long Thanksgiving weekend.
The Department of Transportation’s new regulation will require airplane bathrooms to be more accessible to disabled travelers.
An investigation into the incident at the San Antonio International Airport is ongoing.
“This is very, very tragic. I have never seen anything like this in my career," said Sudhanshu Sarangi, the director of Odisha state’s fire and emergency department.
Nearly 500 police officers and rescue workers with 75 ambulances and buses responded to the incident.
The administration is proposing requirements for refunds and compensation for flight delays and cancellations that are within an airline’s control.
Chemicals from the derailed cars and firefighting foam seeped into creeks and rivers near the village, with some eventually ending up in the Ohio River.
The proposed legislation would let the Transportation Security Administration ban people convicted or fined for assaulting or interfering with airline crew members.
“Where would you be?” Chasten Buttigieg scolded Mike Pence after he cracked a homophobic joke about his husband Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave.
Agents seized the weapon but did not arrest Epps, who reportedly said he forgot it was his bag.