The remnants of Tropical Storm Ida were seen throughout the Northeast, leading to flash flood and tornado warnings in New York and New Jersey.
The change could allow fire crews to get into densely forested areas to begin clearing toppled trees and branches.
The "Today" co-host suggested critics "try and keep up" after footage of him being pummeled by Hurricane Ida prompted concerns for his safety.
Before turning into a tropical storm, Hurricane Ida caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans, leaving the city without power.
President Joe Biden declared disasters in much of the region, opening the purse strings for federal recovery aid.
It's faster than you might think. Look out for these signs and follow this advice on staying cool and hydrated.
Elsa is no longer considered a tropical storm, but heavy rainfall and gusty winds are expected to persist.
The media giant responsible for sowing doubt about the climate crisis is launching a 24-hour weather news channel.
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