An orphaned killer whale stranded in a remote Vancouver Island lagoon is proving difficult for rescuers to catch.
The embattled aquarium, which for decades was home to an orca often called the world's loneliest, is being evicted due to a "long and troubling history of violations.”
Blasting underwater tunes to try and keep killer whales away is a bad idea for multiple reasons, a researcher says.
The former president’s claims shine a clear light on the misinformation now flowing between conservative fossil-fuel aligned groups, right-wing media and GOP lawmakers.
"The 'SNL' skits will write themselves," one person quipped on social media.
The Wisconsin Republican cited an "earlier report" from Fox News to make a claim that swims in misinformation.
A wildlife scientist said it seemed that "something else is going on that we just don’t know."
One scientist suggested the yacht-damaging fad might be “leapfrogging” from a southern killer whale population.
The scientist spurred a worldwide environmental conservation movement with his discovery that whales sang.
The male and female humpback whales were spotted the same day in different places, and their deaths did not appear related, NOAA said.