Firefighting can have lasting physical and mental consequences, and advocates argue it's time for the government to do more to help.
Water officials warned that the state's "climate is transitioning to a warmer setting."
The utility company is facing 31 charges related to last year's Zogg Fire, which burned near Redding, California.
Firefighters are working to protect the 275-foot-tall sequoia known as 'The General Sherman Tree' and other nearby giants.
The base of the colossal General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park was covered for protection against the possibility of intense flames.
Fire crews moved to ramp up the battle against two expanding fires threatening Sequoia National Park’s giant sequoia trees and infrastructure.
South Lake Tahoe residents returning from fleeing the Caldor Fire have reported break-ins — but most have been by bears.
Palestinian protesters, wildfires in California and Hurricane Ida damage make up some of this week's most memorable images.
The change could allow fire crews to get into densely forested areas to begin clearing toppled trees and branches.
Firefighters are bracing for strong winds as the Caldor Fire threatens South Lake Tahoe.