Addiction and Recovery

“I know I can’t keep this cycle up much longer, but today is very important. I have to convince Dr. Linbaum to approve my second refill.“
"Instead of using those first few months to bond with my son, I chose to sit in our bedroom drinking myself into oblivion."
"What about women like me whose lives looked fine, even enviable from the outside, but they were dying on the inside?"
"Mixed in with the compulsive consumption of cigarettes and pot were 12 cans of Tab daily and forays into diet pills, champagne ... popcorn and cupcake icing."
"Be kind to yourself," Hopkins said in a video message on Thursday. "Stay out of the circle of toxicity with people if they offend you."
The 19-year-old died six months ago in a parking lot near Los Angeles.
"When Randy died, he was just 10 days away from receiving his college degree and had a terrific job awaiting him. He’d been sober for two years."
In Australia, dogs are getting addicted to the hallucinogenic sweat that oozes off the backs of cane toads.
The "Friends" star discussed a time his former co-star confronted him about his drinking.
The "Friends" star said he was given a 2% chance of survival when he was hospitalized at age 49.