Addiction and Recovery

The opioid crisis has plagued the U.S. for almost a decade — and for vulnerable populations such as Native Americans, the devastation goes largely ignored.
Biden accused his father's critics of "weaponizing" his own addiction for political gain, and of demonizing people struggling with substance misuse.
The "Friends" star was found dead at his Los Angeles-area home on Oct. 28.
“Taking drugs is one thing, but does it start taking you?” he wondered to Apple Music's Zane Lowe.
“I’m grateful to still be here, I’m grateful to be alive really every day,” said Quaid. “It’s important to really enjoy your ride in life as much as you can.”
“It’s been worth every second,” she said of her sobriety. “I just don’t know what it would take for me to give it up. I’m stable. I’m calmer.”
"Why did it take over 25 trips to the ER and countless near-death experiences to find this help?"
The Oscar-winning actor, who has been frank about her experiences with addiction in the past, said the stroke was brought on by a drug overdose.
"My identity as a housewife married to a lawyer and a woman who played tennis, hosted playgroups and volunteered with the PTA was gone."