"The vast majority of the now 5 million adoptees in the United States have no right to our original birth certificates, our medical histories or to any information regarding our identities."
A documentary series answers questions about whether a Ukrainian orphan was an adult pretending to be a child, as her adoptive parents had claimed.
The "Rent" star said she already has the perfect nickname for herself after revealing the big news.
"Now a mother myself, I often think about the emotions that must have swirled within my birth mother during her pregnancy."
"Audrey had been found in an abandoned house in Texas with a spinal injury and both of her back feet severed. ... Her story broke my heart."
"Was this why I could never shake that lonely gnawing in my belly when I was growing up? Was she the reason?"
"To everyone else, we looked like the perfect family. No one outside our home knew what we knew."
"The ten plus years I knew her were magic," the Broadway star said in a tribute to her "Mamalynn."
"The longer we waited, the more anxious I became. If we didn’t tell her soon, I feared it could do lasting damage to our family."
"As I was taken from my birth mother’s arms and placed at a nearby train station, I became a statistic ― another baby uprooted by the country’s one-child policy."