Bipolar Disorder

Those with the mental health condition share what it's like to live with the illness and how best to offer your support.
Knowing the best way to show your support can be hard. This advice from mental health experts can help.
“You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to stigma,” said the “Without Me” singer, who is open about her bipolar diagnosis.
For the first time, the reality TV star and mogul talked publicly about her husband's struggles in an effort to combat "the stigma and misconceptions of mental health."
The two Disney Channel alums candidly talked about mental health on Instagram Live.
The actor finds his breakout role in Ben Davis, a man grappling with bipolar disorder amid the tensions of drug cartel dealings.
The singer is destigmatizing mental health conditions by opening up about living with her bipolar diagnosis in a new interview with Self magazine.
The singer, who has bipolar disorder, talked about therapy, medication and labels in a new interview.
I have, and live with, an illness that society still struggles to understand.
Bipolar disorder is largely misdiagnosed. That not only hurts the person living with it, but their loved ones, too.