Breast Cancer

The actor and disability advocate talked about how her breast cancer informed the way she handled her multiple sclerosis diagnosis years later.
The “Charles in Charge” alum was hailed as a “bad.ass” with “grace” as she sheared her hair to the popular song “Fight For Your Right.”
Olivia Munn announced she was diagnosed with this form of cancer in 2023.
In a statement, the actor said her condition would have gone undiagnosed if not for her doctor's careful thinking.
"Sometimes, when someone congratulated me, I would start to cry, and they would walk away confused."
Mississippi prison health care contractors withheld cancer diagnosis and treatment for years, a lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges.
“Do I call that a miracle?” Doherty asked Monday about the promising development. “Yeah. For me, that happens to be a miracle right now.”
The former "Baywatch" and "Charles in Charge" star said she is concerned for her 12-year-old daughter amid her "rough" journey.
"It is hard to say out loud," the CNN anchor said in an emotional missive at the end of her broadcast Monday.
The "Charmed" star was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She shared earlier this year that it had spread to her brain.