Kourtney Kardashian recently said she drank breast milk to keep from getting sick. Here's what doctors think.
The actor's year-in-review on Instagram showed her toting a breast pump at Disneyland Paris. In comments, fans praised her openness about motherhood.
The model posted a few photos of her daughter, Holland, who was born in May.
Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra set a world record with her rare condition — but milk donation doesn’t need to smash records to make a difference.
The actor, who has two children, reflected on feeling "extremely fatigued and overworked" during her past experience with breastfeeding.
The beauty mogul confirmed her pregnancy with baby No. 2 after her 2023 Super Bowl halftime show in February.
"My determination to feed my son in the 'right' way evolved into a crippling postpartum depression that stripped every ounce of joy from early motherhood."
"It is challenging to face down a judgmental world, particularly when doing something as vulnerable as feeding and comforting a young child."
A new study that says breastfeeding is correlated with higher test scores is the latest example of the limitations of this kind of research.
Some adoptive, surrogate and queer parents are able to nurse their babies by inducing lactation.