Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The increase could spell trouble for kids who, without the proper inoculations, are less protected from dangerous but preventable diseases like polio.
The CDC reported that cases are still low, but the viruses will likely spread.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also reported COVID hospitalizations were up 12.5% in the week ending July 29.
U.S. health officials are recommending that babies get a recently approved drug to protect them against a respiratory virus.
The figures released by the agency show nearly all Americans had antibodies against COVID from vaccination, infection or both.
The mosquito-borne disease has been detected in Florida and Texas for the first time in decades. Here’s how you can limit your risk of infection and what symptoms to look out for.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) went after CDC boss Rochelle Walensky over COVID-19 vaccine reporting.
The far-right House member browbeat the CDC's Rochelle Walensky with falsehoods and wrong assumptions.
The infections were caused by a highly antibiotic-resistant strain of a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said her last day will be June 30.