Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If a passenger refuses, the agency asks that they are refused service and/or removed from mass transit.
The two appointees have no public health background. They are apparently tasked with watching CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield as the agency releases COVID-19 info.
The president said he completed his last COVID treatment on Thursday, but there's no way to know for sure he's no longer contagious.
Another blow against face masks from the Trump administration.
The vice president didn't wear a mask around Trump and others who have COVID-19. He is set to debate Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday.
Agency officials insist that such spread is uncommon so current social distancing guidelines still make sense.
The order came after a top doctor refused to comply with a Trump administration directive.
Even for otherwise healthy 65- to 74-year-olds infected with coronavirus, the mortality risk is 90 times higher than for those aged 18-29, according to the CDC data.
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The Trump administration routinely dismisses experts’ assessment of the gravity of the pandemic and the measures needed to bring it under control.