Stewart said she can't imagine not wanting kids, but parts of the process still give her pause.
"'What happened?' I asked. 'You hemorrhaged again,' she said. 'This time you lost over a liter of blood.'"
There's one potentially nerve-wracking milestone that everyone forgets to mention.
Kourtney Kardashian announced last week that doctors performed surgery on her unborn baby. Here's what that may have entailed.
Maternal-assisted caesareans allow patients to take a hands-on role in their own surgery.
"Even walks around the block at work during lunchtime could result in wet pants and a moist desk chair. ... It was humiliating."
Too many Black birthing parents have to think about this.
"Women with postpartum are at a greater risk for substance abuse compared to postpartum women without depressive symptoms."
"Society has actually demanded that women navigate their despair in secrecy and proceed with life as usual."