"After three weeks visiting my dad, I was scheduled to fly home. 'I don’t want you to go,' he told me."
"I remember thinking that he went to the doctor more than seemed usual, but when I asked if there was a reason why, he quickly changed the subject."
Only-child families are on the rise. So why do so many parents still feel "othered"?
Siblings — some with a huge age difference, others with a tiny one — tell all.
Demographic shifts may mean changing roles for grandparents within family networks.
"She had the right of way. There were no visibility issues. It was the day before her 65th birthday."
Finally, there’s an “eldest daughter revolution” happening.
"When Christmas came that year, we struggled to find joy in our usual traditions."
You may think this kind of language is harmless, but therapists say it's best to avoid it.