French Fries

Belgium's potato industry could lose millions if hundreds of tons of surplus spuds don’t move this year.
The patient told doctors that he had an aversion to certain textures and that chips and fries "were really the only types of food he felt that he could eat.”
In honor of National Potato Day, DoorDash analyzed its delivery order data.
Plus, her approach to eating it is actually quite healthy.
From poutine to arepas and noodle soups, it's time to branch out the next time you're hungry.
Before you pick up another handful of French fries, think about this Harvard professor’s advice: Eat only 6 fries per serving.
One Twitter user lamented: "Stop ruining my life."
Her purse will set you back way more than a Happy Meal.
The owners of Bolley's Famous Franks in Waterville apologized to customers but said there's no excuse for being so salty.
For reasons no one can explain, curly fries never get their due. A staple of pool-club snack shops, bowling-alley concession counters, and each of Arby's 3 zillion locations, this relic of late-20th-century cuisine has somehow eluded the culinary anthropologists