“You are naming him Gabriel?!” I demanded, practically shrieking. “Yes,” he said nonchalantly. “We like it. Why?”
The actor and Anderson Cooper had a very emotional conversation about family members who have died by suicide.
Dan Levy’s writing and directing set the stage for a complicated grief.
"When Christmas came that year, we struggled to find joy in our usual traditions."
The season isn't always so merry. Here's how to adequately support loved ones dealing with loss right now.
"Thirty-five years ago today, a bomb exploded aboard Pan Am 103 heading from London to New York, killing 259 people, including 35 of my classmates."
“It’s a precious gift to know that my baby’s still alive,” Denise Bargo said during the emotional meeting.
"For the first time since my dear friend had died five years earlier, she’d written back."
"During those early months after my 24-year-old son, Eric, passed away in a car accident, I cried each night when I went to bed."
"Had I been irresponsible for extolling the joy of pets when their loss is so devastating?"