"Online introverts have been awfully quiet ever since they won the war on parties."
"Introverts be like: How rude of you not to invite me to something I didn't want to go."
Our expert will answer your questions about self-care and being introverted during this time.
"It’s important to get out of the house occasionally to remind yourself why you don’t go out."
"I’m an overthinker so if you don’t give me an answer, I’ll come up with one."
"Take it down a notch, not everything has to be a zoom call."
If you're an extrovert struggling with self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, introverts have advice for you.
"I love it when the plans are mutually cancelled without verbal communication."
"I don't want to do a thing today. I did a thing yesterday. That's enough things."
"I have a phone interview today and someone told me to 'just be myself' so I’m not going to answer the call."