Mental Health

"If my dad were still alive, it would hurt him to read these words. He never intended for me to feel like a nuisance. So why, then, did I so often feel that way?"
And you've probably said it multiple times today.
Former Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava resigned earlier this month, citing mental health and issues with the organization.
Pretending you've seen a movie you've never seen or scrolling your phone to appear busy are both signs of FOPO.
The "Game of Thrones" star said keyboard warriors also accused her of getting a buccal fat removal.
Therapists explain the signs of this particular thought pattern, and what to do if it's interfering with your life.
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This physical component of the mental health issue doesn't get enough attention. Here's why it happens and how to deal.
"For all my years of training in emergency medicine ... I didn't know how to process my own [trauma] because I'd never been taught how to do it."
Even the pros struggle with down days. Here's what they do when it happens to them.