The actor is the mother of a daughter and son through adoption.
The tennis star talked about how she's often "exhausted" and "stressed" while juggling her career and taking care of her daughter.
"I fear I lost my sister to this idea that women’s lives are incomplete until they’ve been through childbirth."
“It was quite hard to do that on the world’s stage," the Duchess of Cambridge said in her first-ever podcast interview, published over the weekend.
The actor and her husband, James Heerdegen, have a son named Freddie.
The tennis superstar also weighs in on her biggest inspirations and where she sees herself in five years.
The singer and her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, have a son named Titan.
Parenting a small child isn't easy. Ulcerative colitis makes it even harder.
The surfer and her husband, Adam Dirks, have two sons, Tobias and Wesley.
The actor and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, have three children.
The actor opened up about social media, family dinner and more ahead of her Super Bowl ad.
The model has a son, Jack, and two daughters, Alexa and Sailor.
The TV personality and entrepreneur has two sons, Liam and Charlie.
The actor welcomed a son, Henry Story Driver, in 2008.
The “Law & Order: SVU” star and her husband, Peter Hermann, have three kids.
The actor has a grown daughter named Eleanor with ex-husband Christopher Lambert.
"I had a birthday cake to bake and Easter baskets to build. I had responsibilities and deadlines. I didn’t have time for this."
The "Veep" star and her husband, Brad Hall, have two sons, Henry and Charlie.
The comedian said on Instagram that she's a week into the process and asked her followers for advice on how to cope.
Flowers and physical gifts are great, but small acts of encouragement and kindness are even better.