"In my darkest moments, school officials who used to applaud my parenting now wondered if I was up for the task."
This infuriating concept explains a lot. Here's what to do about it.
The actor resumed filming after undergoing a C-section with the birth of her first child.
The actor has three sons: Peter Craig, Eli Craig and Sam Greisman.
"It is uncertainty about the future that makes me question such a meaningful investment in this future."
The actor spoke about her journey to motherhood in a candid Instagram post.
The four-time Grand Slam singles champion, who welcomed a baby girl in July, hasn't competed in a tournament since September 2022.
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"I went and talked to the only person I felt might really understand my need to not mother: my mother."
"I wanted to go to the park whenever and read one more book and not stress about the stuff left out on the counter. "