Postpartum Depression

"They weren't doing their homework," the actor said in a new interview with The Messenger.
The research found a surprising twist on traditional therapy that may be the key to helping parents' mental health following birth.
"Women with postpartum are at a greater risk for substance abuse compared to postpartum women without depressive symptoms."
The FDA has approved Zurzuvae, the first pill for treating postpartum depression. Here’s how it works.
"My determination to feed my son in the 'right' way evolved into a crippling postpartum depression that stripped every ounce of joy from early motherhood."
Postpartum depression, which affects 1 in 8 new moms and 1 in 10 new dads, can show up in subtle ways at work.
"It’s ridiculous that the doctor thought I was safe to go home. But this scenario occurs too often, and this is exactly how tragedies can happen."
"My body wanted fuel, but my brain didn’t have the capacity to think about food." Here's how the author found her way back to joy through cooking.
"I thought, you know, ‘Fireball will fix this ― duh. And it didn’t,'" the "Nashville" actor said.
The reality TV star spoke about dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of her children: Stormi, 5, and Aire, 1.